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Walking trails

Gdansk and the whole of the Tricity is a paradise for anyone who enjoys walking. With many routes to choose from, there is something for everyone. Here are some thematic trails you should consider.




Hewelion the Lion’s Trail

Exploring Gdansk with Hewelion the Lion is great fun, and not only for youngsters! Hewelion is the main character of this tourist trail, created and managed by the Gdansk Tourism Organization. The upbeat lion cub can be found carrying his bag of interesting stories about the city in various places across Gdansk. The items he carries refer to where he is and the story it has to tell. Hewelion’s bronze statues were created by a Gdansk artist, Tomasz Radziewicz.

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Craft Beer Trail

The Gdansk Tourism Organization presents the Craft Beer Trail, which offers everyone the opportunity to discover the wide range of unique craft beers that the Tricity is known for. The Craft Beer Trail was launched in 2016 with the opening of St. Dominic’s Market, and since then many fans of the amber brew have found it to be a great way of spending their free time in the city, as well as being a chance to win interesting prizes!

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skwer świętopełka


Kashubian Trail

Kashubian trails have always been on the city maps – paper maps, as well as the less easily accessible cultural maps – since the city was first founded. Residents and regular visitors of the port city of Gdansk alike have always included people from many other parts of the world, speaking different languages and adhering to a range of religions, though three groups have always stood out throughout the ages: Poles, Germans and Kashubians. And while we all know who Poles and Germans are, not so many can say the same about Kashubians.



Fot. Europejskie Centrum Solidarności


Gdansk Freedom Trail

It is early morning, 14 August 1980, and the shipyard workers have just gone on strike. A moustache-sporting worker without an entry pass wants to join them – he jumps over the shipyard fence, and becomes their leader an hour later. Reporters from around the world soon arrive in the city – they write about that worker, Lech Walesa, and the demands submitted to the communist government. This is how Solidarity was born – the first labour union not controlled by the communists. This was the beginning of Poland’s path to democracy.



pachołek got


Gdansk scenic vantage point trail

Have you ever wondered how Gdansk looks from more than 100 metres above the ground? Or perhaps you like climbing, and would like to see the area from a slightly different perspective? A great way to explore the city for those who like to exercise is to climb its highest peaks, and Gdansk has quite a few of them!



Fot. Grzegorz Mehring / gdansk.pl


Günter Grass Trail

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, holder of an honorary degree from the University of Gdansk and an honorary citizen of the City of Gdansk – Günter Grass was born and grew up here. Many places in our city are connected to this famous writer, in one way or another. Explore Gdansk by following the trail of Günter Grass.


Fot. Dawid Linkowski


From History to Modernity

There are many reasons to believe that Gdansk’s attractiveness as a tourist destination will only increase in the near future. The city is visited by millions of people every year, and a new district is currently being developed, one which will make walks around the city up to twice as long and allow everyone to explore Gdansk’s history from the Middle Ages, with its starting point at the Gdansk Torture Chamber to its modern history related to the Solidarity movement.