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Beaches where dogs are welcome

Beaches in Gdansk are a place friendly for dogs (and other pets). One can enter any beach all year round wit a dog with an exception of guarded bathing places during the season.

Spacer_do_parku_i_nad_morze_86439_800px dominik paszliński
Fot. Dominik Paszliński / gdansk.pl

Places where one should NOT enter with dogs from 1st of May till 31st of August:

  • Jelitkowo
  • Klipper
  • Brzezno (next to the pier)
  • Dom Zdrojowy Brzeźno
  • Stogi
  • Sobieszewo
  • Świbno

For past several years, owners of pets have been enjoying a special enclosure which is available all year round with no exceptions. It’s located next to entrance no. 34. It’s a fenced area of about 2.000m2. There are special signs on spot, trash bins and benches. The place is quite popular with dog owners.