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Beaches in Gdansk are an excellent place for a stroll every time of the year. The are wide, sandy and easily accessible from every district in the city. Their overall length is about 25 km and that means that we are always going to find a more secluded place. Let’s enjoy a sea breeze and inhale healthy iodine.


Map of beaches to download: Map (183.47 KB)

Beaches in Gdansk start already next to where the Vistula river flows into the Baltic Sea in Swibno and end in Jelitkowo. That’s where Sopot begins. The same that later borders Gdynia. As we aforementioned Gdansk’s distance is 25 km long.

Along the shore one can find perfect green areas, ideal for strolling (like Park in Brzezno, Reagan’s park, Jelitkowo Park).

It’s quite common to come across not only shells but also lumps of amber while walking on the beach, especially in the vicinity of Sobieszewska island.


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