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Safety on the beach

Stanowisko ratownika


Beaches are often favourite places for Summer relaxation, weather allowing of course. On hot, sunny days even wide beaches of Gdansk can get crowded and that should make us extra careful. Don’ leave your belongings unattended. Use imagination while entering water. First of all – keep to the oldest of rules, continuously repeated over and over again: don’t go into water after alcohol! When entering do it slowly, step by step. That will give our body a chance to adjust and avid a cold.

Also, don’t swim right after a big meal. Choose beaches with lifeguards. Beaches in Gdansk have been enjoying an award of “Blue Flag” for years -one that certifieas that a place is clean and safe. Remember – if you don’t follow those simple rules, even best lifeguard might not save your life!

Never jump from a pier or swim alongside breakwaters. It might seem that bathing next to them is safe but it’s quite on the contrary as waves dig deep next to the structures making it a trap even 2 -3 metres deep.

You should never ignore an occurrence of “reverse current” that one can come across especially in Swibno and Sobieszewo. If you get caught, don’t fight against the current. Allow it to move you a bit further into the water and only once it gets weaker, return to the beach.


Useful numbers:

Center of Water Safety

Available 24/7

tel. +48 601 689 970


Suggestions and complains

Available 24/7

tel. +48 58 524 18 53