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Royal Beet cocktail

Royal Beet cocktail
Royal Beet cocktail
Roof Top by Sassy Restaurant


Carnival is upon us. That’s the best time of the year to try new cocktails. We recommend a truly royal drink – “Royal Beet”. Of course it tastes best with a view worthy a king, so for example in Roof Top by Sassy Restaurant, where the recipe comes from actually.

Cocktail idea

The Royal Beet cocktail was created as a cocktail that was supposed to surprise with taste and texture. The combination of pomegranate and beet juices, although not obvious, shows us a completely different dimension of beet flavor. With this approach, it is not earthy and vegetable flavor, but delicate, sweet and slightly fruity. Using a delicate French Lillet aperitif, we raise fruitiness and add a light floral mix, while egg white gives us an extremely delicate and silk structure of the cocktail. The whole is combined and bonded by a delicate champagne, which bubbles intensify the feeling of silky structure and increase the fruitiness and floweriness of the cocktail. Enjoy!


Needed to prepare 1 serving of cocktail:

  • 50ml Champagne, preferably Perrier Jouet Grand Brut
  • 50ml Lillet Rose Aperitif
  • 5ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 20 ml beetroot juice
  • 40ml pomegranate juice
  • 30ml fresh egg protein


Place all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. If you don't have a shaker, you can use a jar. Shake thoroughly and firmly so that the egg white foam. Pour the cocktail through a small strainer into a previously chilled champagne glass. We slowly add champagne, decorate with an edible flower or orange peel.

Bio bartender

The person responsible for the quality and taste of the cocktails served in the SASSY restaurant is Oskar Weręż - a talented bartender who has already, among others, winning the Tahona Society 2017 competition, 2nd place in the Absolut Shake lt Up 6 competition, 3rd place in the Jameson Bartenders' Ball 2015 competition, participation in the prestigious Absolut Akademi Pro and participation in many significant competitions such as Chivas Masters Polska 2016 and Wild Keepers Polska 2016 , a member of the jury in the prestigious Bar of the Year 2017 competition. He devotes his free time to acquiring knowledge and training in the bartending trade, as well as to transfer this knowledge to others.