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Goose meat dumplings

Goose meat dumplings
Goose meat dumplings
Restaurant 5. Floor 

Christmas is coming. In Poland Christmas can’t be celebrated without dumplings (pierogi). We present a recipe for a goose meat dumplings with a cherry demi-glace sauce and fried boletus mushrooms, by Restaurant 5. Floor (5 Piętro) of IBB Długi Targ Hotel.


Bake goose thighs at 140 degrees for 2 hours with onions, apples, garlic and marjoram, pouring red wine over them. Take them out of the oven when the meat starts to come off the bones.

When the thighs cool off, mince them with the juice which came out during baking to make the stuffing.


The sauce is made with beef meat and bones, which are first roasted with vegetables and herbs, before being cooked for 38 hours. Sour cherries are then added to the sauce.


Dice the boletus mushrooms and fry for a while with garlic.