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Noodles and ham with sour sauce



Baked noodles and ham with sauce sour cream sauce, with parmesan.



Garbary 6/7 St.

80-827 Gdańsk

400 m from Neptun Fountain

Under Beer is a place where you can drink craft beer (we have about 100 different bottles) and taste original cocktails. That's it for quenching your thirst. Now let's move on to the culinary specialties. In our menu you will find thin crust pizzas made from Italian ingredients, various types of bagels, which we buy in one of the oldest bakeries in Gdańsk, béchamel fish casserole with potatoes, tapas. In addition, as part of the Tastes of Gdańsk edition, you will taste two specialties from the XIX century cookbook. What will it be ...? We invite you to see for yourself. See you!