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Alternative Gdańsk

Are you from Gdańsk? Have you already visited all museums and most popular spots in the city? Or, perhaps, you just feel like visiting places appreciated by few? If you answered yes to any of these questions we can have an interesting offer for you. Discover a new face of Gdańsk with us: full of interesting details, secrets and events worth discovering. 

The Shipyard and the Elektryków Street (2/13)

Gdansk Shipyard
Gdansk Shipyard
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

The Shipyard, one of the symbols of Gdańsk, is a place of “birth” of many ships that cross the oceans of the world to this day. The area had its heyday long ago but remains to be a unique place for many strolls. What is it worthwhile to visit the area? Because it lets us feel like heroes of events of August 1980, because of the multitude of tokens and symbols disclosing the details of the protest against the communist authority and the fledgling social movement of the “Solidarity”. Gdańsk was the centre of those events. It was there that Lech Wałęsa signed the famous agreement ending the strike in the OHS Hall. Attention is drawn to the building of the European Solidarity Centre with exhibitions presenting the realities of the then world. You can also visit the OHS Hall mentioned above or pop into the Elektryków Street where the B90 club, the new music centre of Gdańsk, is located or peep through a hole inside the B64 hall.