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Enjoy the 762 edition of St. Dominic’s Fair!

As always, during the summer holidays, as always for 3 weeks in the heart if the city, one of the most popular and the oldest open-air commercial and entertainment event with 762 years of tradition will be taking place. St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk will start on Saturday July 23th and will run until August 13th.

Opening ceremony 2018
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Here you can buy, bargain, look for treasures and find beautiful frames for photographs. You can hear different languages, everything is mixed - traditions and customs. Bustling and colorful, almost everywhere something is happening. This is famous St. Dominic's Fair!

The tradition of St. Dominic's Fair dates back to 1260, when Pope Alexander IV allowed the Dominicans of Gdansk to grant 100 days later indulgences on the their founder’s feast day. The papal nuncio Giulio Ruggieri in one of the oldest descriptions of the fair from the sixteenth century wrote: In the month of August there is a great Fair of St. Dominic, where gather the Germans, French, Flemings, English, Spaniards, and Portuguese, and then 400 ships with French and Spanish wine, silk, oil, lemons, jams, and other Spanish produce, Portuguese roots, tin, and English cloth come to port. Circus performers, acrobats and acting troupes came to Gdansk from everywhere. There were all sorts of wonders, exotic animals, and even apparently... mermaids.

St. Dominic's Fair was held annually for several centuries, becoming an important feast for the city. The tradition was interrupted only by World War II. The fair returned in 1972. Then rooster became official symbol of the Fair.

Today the official opening of the Fair is announced by a specially written bugle call, to which one note is added every year. Accordingly the bugle-call "ages" together with the Fair. This year it will have 761 notes. In such a historical spectacle President of the City gives merchants the key to Gdansk’s gates.

The real power of the fair is unique atmosphere and places full of various goods. Among them you can find old, rare and amazing items, artistic handcrafts and delicious from all over the world. And of course the Fair takes place in the beautiful scenery of Gdansk!

St. Dominic's Fair attracts tourists  not only from Poland. The main reason of their arrival is desire to experience something unusual and unforgettable. And the Fair perfectly meets these expectations!